Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Scott Safadi Discusses Rain and the News

Has anyone noticed how the news refuses to report on good news? For a while, I thought it was because there is more bad news out there than good news, but based on the way the news outlets are reporting the recent/current rainfall in California, I am convinced that they prefer fear and negativity over all else. California has been in a drought for nearly 4 years. Now, that it's finally raining, the headlines read, "rainstorm lashes out" and "residents prepare for flooding and mudslides." These headlines are downright offensive given the context. There is nothing California needs more than rain right now. We are literally running out of water. Mudslides an flooding are miniscule in significance compared to the benefit of getting all of this rain and snow. We should be having a parade right now, not talking about mudslides.


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