Friday, October 16, 2015

Scott Safadi on Rent Control

Scott Safadi believes that rent control is not the answer to the affordability problem when it comes to Bay Area rents. Scott Safadi acknowledges that the rising rents do, in fact, pose a challenge for many in the renter community. However, pragmatically speaking, rent control only helps a few, while it harms many others. Specifically, Scott Safadi believes that rent control creates an unreasonable burden on incoming renters, such as recent graduates or people just moving into the area, while creating an unreasonable benefit, on the shoulders of landlords to long time residents. Scott Safadi believes that the reality is that no renter is entitled to live wherever they want at the price point they want. This is dictated by the market. If an area becomes very popular (demand) and prices are driven up, renters who cannot afford those prices need to relocate to an area that is within their budget. Scott Safadi believes that, while the millennials are the ones who have been referred to as the entitled generation, there are previous generations that actually believe in an entitlement system within a free market. Scott Safadi believes that rent control is not the solution to our problems. San Francisco is a perfect example of how ineffective it really is.


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