Sunday, October 9, 2016

Scott Safadi on Renter Movement

There is an undoubtable trend in the bay area rental market, especially when it comes to millennial generation renters who work in the tech sphere. We are seeing these folks leave the Silicon Valley and instead gravitate to the Peninsula and San Francisco. While working at Google might be a cool thing, living in Mountain View is not for these young tech workers. At this point, I would consider Palo Alto the southernmost tip of "cool" places to live. Santa Clara County is almost completely on the outs, with San Mateo County surging ahead in popularity. These renters want to be on the Caltrain line. They want to be able to get places on foot and on their bikes, such as a downtown. Little towns along the Peninsula that have access to Caltrain as well as a nice downtown, such as Redwood City, San Carlos, and Burlingame, will continue to thrive for many decades to come.


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