Friday, November 18, 2016

Scott Safadi & Cal Bay Property Management Talk "Paperless"

Scott Safadi is the general manager of Cal Bay Property Management. Cal Bay Property Management, under the direction of Scott Safadi, and with the help of Appfolio's great software, is fully paperless. That doesn't mean Cal Bay Property Management does not sign traditional paper leases from time to time, however at the time of this posting over 90% of our applications are submitted online, over 90% of our leases are E-Signed, and 50% of our tenants pay online through their tenant portal (instead of paper check). Scott Safadi believes in aggressively migrating to a paperless world for a number of reasons. For one, there is the undeniable environmental impact. Typical apartment leases can easily be in excess of 40 pages. Another compelling reason to go all-electronic is to minimize errors. Cal Bay Property Management prides itself on error-free reporting. Automation is the key to minimizing human error. And there's no way to automate a stack of paper.


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