Wednesday, December 14, 2016

What Residents Want: Survey Results

At Cal Bay Property Management, we're always on the hunt for what residents really want out of their rental experience. The National Multifamily Housing Council recently published the results of a survey asking apartment residents what they really want in a property. The results - gathered from more than 12,000 residents - might surprise you. Here are some of the top requests:

Soundproof Walls

This request will come as no surprise to any property manager who has had to deal with raucous residents. No longer willing to chance living next door to rowdy neighbors, 88 percent of the residents surveyed listed soundproof walls as a highly desired feature.

Walk-in Closet

Apartment living can be tight, so this request makes a lot of sense. More surprising was the revelation that residents expect to pay an additional $49 per month for this feature.


Unsurprisingly, residents aren't big fans of communal laundry rooms. Indeed, 87 percent of survey takers listed in-unit washing machines and dryers as highly desirable. Other most-wanted appliances included microwaves, refrigerators with ice dispensers and garbage disposals.

- Scott Safadi 


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