Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Common Photo Mistakes You Might be Making in Your Listing

So you're not a professional photographer - but who among us is? The reality is that we're far too busy managing properties to perfect the art of photography. Still, bad photos are no excuse, especially when it comes to your listings. That's why we've assembled a quick list of what NOT to do in your photos.

Using flash

This sounds like a must-do, right? Wrong! Using the flash on your cell phone camera or your point and shoot likely won't light up a dark room. If anything, it'll cast long shadows and make the room look eerie. Instead, open the blinds and let natural light in!


Photos need subjects, and it's tempting to snap a picture of a snazzy lamp in the middle of the living room to provide focus. But that can put everything in the background - yep, everything you're trying to promote - out of focus. 


Check out what's going on in your photos before you publish them. Even the most professional of photographers sometimes miss weird stuff in the background. Make sure your images don't feature cameos of your dog or an accidental mirror selfie!

- Scott Safadi, Cal Bay Property Management


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