Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Easy Amenities to Attract New Tenants

When is the last time your community was updated? Even if your units got completely renovated within the last five years, chances are good that they're beginning to show some wear and tear. But not every apartment can be brand new, at least not all the time. So what do you have to appeal to tenants who have plenty of other options in the area? And what if those options are newer and more exciting?

Scott Safadi of Cal Bay Property Management recommends small, easy additions to your community that will offer a lot of bang for your buck. Consider adding:

Package Lockers
People are ordering clothes, shoes, food -- virtually everything you can think of -- online more than ever before. Your office staff can probably attest to this! Chances are good, they sign for packages for your tenants all day. Tenants will likely appreciate this secure way of handling deliveries, but when they can't pick up their packages (after the office has closed for the day, for instance), the service is less convenient than they might have initially expected. Make everyone's lives a little easier by installing package lockers. Deliveries can be made directly to the lockers and tenants can pick up their packages virtually any time that's convenient for them.

Bike Racks
If you're looking for something lower tech, bike racks might be a good option to consider. People are looking for greener ways to commute and for ways to stay in shape -- cycling kills two birds with one stone! Unfortunately, though, apartment dwellers are often frustrated by their lack of bike storage options, especially if they don't live on the first floor. Installing a simple bike rack is an easy solution to the conundrum. We recommend installing it out of the elements in a covered spot. That way, bikes won't fade in the sun nor rust in the rain.

Outdoor Washing Stations
For folks with garages and driveways, washing your car -- or your beloved pooch -- is a no brainer: you simply head out to the front of your home and hook up your hose. For apartment dwellers, it's not as simple. That's why we recommend adding an outdoor washing station or two to your community. A water hookup and a trashcan are incredibly simple to add to an unused corner of your parking lot, but adds tremendous value for your tenants.

- Scott Safadi, Cal Bay Property Management


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