Wednesday, November 8, 2017

A Property Manager's Wishlist: 7 Things Every Owner, Manager or Renter Should Own

Every trade has its tools, and property managers need more than most. That's why we've assembled a list of seven must-have tools for everyone who rents a home or apartment. Tenants, too, can benefit from assembling a tool kit of things to make their lives at their rental home a little easier. 

Scott Safadi of Cal Bay Property Management recommends adding these products to your Christmas list - or gathering up what you already own and keeping them in a central location. A toolbox will work, and it doesn't need to be anything fancy. Most hardware stores sell starter toolboxes with many of the materials recommended on our list. It's a great place to start if you find yourself scrambling for tools.

Here are the seven things you need to ensure daily success as a property manager:

A first aid kit. Regardless of how much or how little repair work you do yourself, having a first aid kit on hand is always a good idea. Be sure it contains bandaids, gauze, aspirin and medical tape. You never know when this kind of kit may be necessary, so prep for the worst case scenario!

A step stool. Even the tallest among us will struggle to reach something now and then. This is especially true of anyone regularly changing smoke detector batteries or lightbulbs. For the times when you don't need to bust out the ladder, a step stool is invaluable.

Duct tape. Good for keeping just about anything together, you can never have too much duct tape on hand. Keep a roll around for emergencies, but also for the times when you just can't justify a total repair. And why would you, when duct tape exists?

Baking soda and spare washcloths. Good for removing just about any stain before it sets in, baking soda is a property manager's best friend. Keep some handy just in case!

Spackle. Every tenant, no matter how conscientious, is going to leave behind a few holes in the wall when they move out. Spackle is a quick, easy and affordable way to make minor repairs to drywall between tenants.

Flash lights. When the power goes out or you need to crawl into a dark spot, you'll be grateful you had a flash light handy.

Screwdrivers. These should come standard with any starter toolbox, but having a couple of phillip's head and flathead screwdrivers around is always a good idea. 

- Scott Safadi, Cal Bay Property Management


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