Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Easy Tips for Making Small Rooms Feel Larger

No need to knock down walls to make your apartment feel bigger! There are simple steps you can take to ensure that you are maximizing your space and showcasing it in a way that feels fresh. Forgo the expensive remodel and instead opt to try one of these five tips, says Cal Bay Property Management's Scott Safadi:

Replace Kitchen Cabinets with Racks

Cabinets can make a kitchen feel smaller and more cramped than is necessary. Considering what a valuable gathering place kitchens usually are, that's a big problem. Consider taking down old kitchen cabinets and replacing them with ceiling or wall racks for storage instead. Open shelving is also a great option!

Pick Neutral Colors

While bold colors might be more fun, neutral shades have a way of making small rooms look bigger. Forgo the bright blues and reds in favor of white, beige and gray. While they may not be as exciting as brighter shades, these colors will make a room feel bigger and more serene. The bonus? You can swap out decor every few months and it's practically guaranteed to match your room.

Select the Right Window Treatments

While bare windows open up a room like nothing else, it's not a practical solution for anyone looking for a little privacy. Instead, opt for a window treatment that is both sheer and lengthy. By allowing some daylight through, the curtains will add a sense of freshness and serenity. Hang them floor to ceiling to truly maximize your space. It draws the eye to the ceiling, making the room magically feel bigger.

Hang Decorative Mirrors

Create the illusion of extended space by using mirrors throughout your apartment. Use more than one to reflect light and distract from how small the space initially might seem. A mirrored end table can also add to the effect.

Use Open Shelving to Increase Flow

While closets, pantrys and cabinets might allow messy residents to hide their clutter, open shelving adds an increased feeling of flow to any room. Give it a try before getting rid of all your cabinetry - you'll be surprised at how roomy the open shelves make the space feel. As a bonus, the exposed storage will likely make you a more organized person!

- Scott Safadi, Cal Bay Property Management


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