Thursday, February 28, 2019

Five Reasons to Move to Mountain View

SIlicon Valley is home to a wide array of cities, but none quite compare to the beauty that is Mountain View. A community of just over 80,000 residents, the town is perhaps best known as the home of Google headquarters. Scott Safadi of Cal Bay Property Management urges people to look beyond the big name tech companies associated with the area and learn about all the wonderful things Mountain View has to offer! Here are five to spark your inspiration:

A Cyclists' Paradise
Mountain View features a bike share program with four other Silicon Valley cities, making it easier than ever to catch a ride. Use the bikes on the area's cultivated bike paths that wind all throughout the Bay Area!

A Shopper's Dream
Castro Street is at the heart of Mountain View and is packed with adorable boutiques. Shop the day away before enjoying delicious sushi or Mexican food (Castro Street has plenty of both!) The site of many a summer street festival, this is the place to be no matter what you're into!

Music for All
Speaking of summer, Mountain View hosts an annual concert series each year once temperatures warm up. Grab a blanket, a folding chair and a picnic and you're sure to have a blast enjoying the sights and sounds of the city.

Known for Art and Wine
Mountain View is also home to the annual Mountain View Art and Wine festival. Consistently ranked among the best festivals in the country, this local favorite is one to write home about. With over 600 artists exhibiting their work, there's truly a style for everyone.

A City of Readers
Mountain View is home to several independent bookstores, including Books Inc., a two-story mecca for readers. Need a book that's out of print? Book Buyers is your store, with over 300,000 out of print titles for sale.

What reasons do you love Mountain View?

- Scott Safadi, Cal Bay Property Management


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