Wednesday, September 25, 2019

More Dormitory-Style Housing Coming to Bay Area

Many people look back on their college days with fondness, but most would never trade their comfortable lifestyle for dorm life. The excitement of living on your own for the first time wears off quickly, which is why so many students opt to move off-campus after their first few years of living in dorms. The latest trend in Bay Area housing embraces the best parts of dorm life but fails to address many of the most challenging parts of renting by the bed.

The Grad San Jose isn't the first dormitory-style apartment community, but it's certainly one of the newest. They seek to rent to both students and non-students, making for a potentially quirky mix. The Grad plans to rent out space by the bed for 50-week leasing periods. The suites come fully furnished and include utilities and internet. 

While this kind of leasing style may appeal to some renters, most people want privacy above all else says Scott Safadi of Cal Bay Property Management. Such a community is ideal for students and young people seeking connections with others, but many people would find the lack of personal space unappealing. Given the way the Bay Area and Silicon Valley attract young people, though, it's easy to see why dorm-style housing continues to grow in popularity. 

- Scott Safadi, Cal Bay Property Management


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