Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Beer in the Time of COVID-19

There's a lot of uncertainty in the world right now. While the spread of COVID-19 has already had huge implications for the world economy, it's unclear what the long-term impact of the pandemic will be like on some industries. Beer has long provided solace during stressful times, and while COVID-19 may be shuttering bars and restaurants, demand for booze remains. 

Some bottle shops and craft breweries are turning to delivery to get their products to consumers. Others are redoubling efforts to stock grocery shelves. Long-term, though, craft breweries will need support more than beverage industry giants like InBev and MillerCoors. Since crafter brewers often rely on their taproom profits to keep afloat, COVID-19 closures are especially painful.

The craft beer scene has thrived over the last few years. Beer fans have had no shortage of options when it comes to flavors, styles and price points. COVID-19 will inevitably see the shuttering of many beloved breweries, so it's up to the consumer to help wherever they can. If you have a favorite brewery you're concerned about, experts say now is the time to show your love. Pick up a few six packs for the long haul, and if gift cards are available, consider supporting your favorite brewery that way, too. 

While not much is certain about the days and weeks that lie ahead, there is something especially comforting about sipping our favorite pours as it all unfolds. Just be sure to wash your hands after enjoying!

-- Scott Safadi, Shared Palate, LLC


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