Thursday, April 23, 2020

House Plants 101: Five Easy-to-Grow Varieties

Not everyone was born with a green thumb. While some people are natural gardeners, many of us struggle to keep even the most basic of succulents alive. If you're eager to bring a little nature indoors this season, it's worth exploring some low-maintenance houseplant options. You'd be surprised at how easy it can be to keep plants thriving!

Here are a few varieties worth trying:

ZZ Plants

Perhaps the lowest-maintenance plant in existence, the ZZ plant won't mind if you ignore it completely for months at a time. Its dark green leaves provide a pretty contrast to white walls, and it's happy in just about any kind of light. The only downside? It takes a long, long time to grow!


This gorgeous plant only looks high maintenance! Striking green leaves and a fast-growing nature makes Pothos plants easy to love. Just be sure to keep them far from prying kittens and pups who might be tempted to take a bite - they're poisonous to cats and dogs.

Air Plants

These spidery plants look alien to the untrained eye. They grow without soil, making them one of the most unique options out there. Spritz them with water once a week and you'll have them thriving in no time!

African Violets

For a pretty pop of color, try the African Violet on for size. Easy to care for and gorgeously bright purple, this house plant is low-key and beautiful. What a combination!

Peace Lily

For a big, bold statement plant, look no farther than a peace lily. Though they need a lot of light, these stunning plants require very little once they're placed in a sunny corner. Just be careful if you've got pets at home, as this one is also toxic to animals!

-- Scott Safadi, Cal Bay Property Management


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