Sunday, May 3, 2020

Non-Alcoholic Beer: The Next Big Trend?

Visit any bar in Germany and you'll find yourself awash in delicious options to sip. From Berliner Weisses to Hefeweizens to crisp ciders, there's no shortage of varieties to try. Many Americans may find themselves surprised by one German beer trend in particular though: non-alcoholic beers make up seven percent of the German market. By comparison, non-alcoholic pours comprise just half of one percent of the American beer market. 

The trend may spill onto American shores more quickly than you might expect. Non-alcoholic beers offer a similar flavor but fewer calories than traditional brews. They're driver-friendly, giving commuters a great option for enjoying a drink and getting home safely. Non-alcoholic pours are also hydrating. Instead of waking up with a hangover, you'll feel more refreshed than ever.

While the benefits are obvious, the drawbacks are numerous. Though American beer culture has become elevated in the last ten years, with more focus on flavor and ingredients than ever before, consumers still look forward to getting a buzz on. Older drinkers may appreciate the hydrating qualities of a non-alcoholic beer, but younger consumers may not be as health-conscious. Still, the trend is worth keeping an eye on!

-- Scott Safadi, Shared Palate


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