Thursday, July 30, 2020

Apartment Petiquette Rules to Live By

Petiquette might sound like a silly word, but it's a very real idea that more renters are catching onto. As pet-friendly rental communities are becoming more and more common, it's important to be mindful of rules, requirements, and animal faux pas. Establishing a good rapport with your landlord and neighbors is key for a successful rental experience, and your pets must be included in that process.

If you're curious about how to engage in good petiquette, start with taking care of business. A lot of pet-friendly communities have designated areas for dogs to go to the bathroom, and training your dog to go there is an excellent start to your petiquette journey. If there's not a designated area, avoid main walkways and any carefully manicured garden beds. Wherever your dog chooses to go, always be sure to clean up after them!

Speaking of dogs, if your pup is prone to barking, consider quiet hours when moving into a new community. While a midnight play session might sound fun for you and your pooch, others won't appreciate loud noise that late at night. Even if your dog isn't especially loud, their heavy footfalls can keep your neighbors up, so be mindful of your habits.

Cat lovers have to be aware of petiquette too! As you empty your cat's litter box and take the trash to the community garbage dumpster, be sure to double bag the litter. The weight of kitty litter can be deceptive, and bags full of the stuff can be prone to breaking before you actually reach the dumpster. 

-- Scott Safadi, Cal Bay Property Management


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