About Scott Safadi

Scott Safadi and Cal Bay Property Management (CBPM) manage apartment communities throughout San Francisco. By specializing in multi-family dwellings, CPBM is able to develop an in-depth knowledge of northern California apartment residents.

In the past few years, Scott Safadi has taken CBPM to a new level, with the company adding additional properties to its growing portfolio. CPBM is careful to avoid expanding too quickly, firmly believing in the importance of maintaining a personalized approach to its business. Scott Safadi regularly visits each of the properties in his charge, working with property owners and on-site staff to ensure tenant and worker needs are being fulfilled.

Scott Safadi has recently added technology to his growing list of unique services. Property owners and residents can login to a cloud-based dashboard to request services and oversee operations. By modernizing all areas of operations, Scott Safadi believes all involved workers and residents can achieve more convenient access to services.

A graduate of Dartmouth College, Scott Safadi has an accomplished career in real estate and project management. Throughout his career, Scott Safadi has resided and worked in the San Francisco Bay area, giving him a thorough knowledge of the area. Having this information allows Scott Safadi to manage CBPM’s properties in a way that is beneficial to both tenants and property owners.

Because San Francisco is home to Silicon Valley, known all over the world as the technology capital, Scott Safadi realizes the importance of tailoring his properties to the needs of the population of the area. One of the ways Scott Safadi achieves this is through renovating his apartment units on a regular basis. He has found that keeping his properties in top shape helps improve the living experience for all tenants. Scott Safadi also reviews rental prices each week to ensure they’re in line with the local market, which allows his properties to afford to stay as up-to-date as possible.


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